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SUP Club 2019! Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned paddler, we encourage you to join us. This club is for people who want to get on the water and have fun.

Squire’s Landing Location: The Sammamish River is a flat-water padding experience, it’s a great place to start paddling and a fantastic place to build your paddling confidence and skill level. Join us for the relaxing evening paddle at Squire’s Landing if you’re new to the sport. Falling in is less likely to happen on this flat, slow moving river at the pace we’re taking these paddles.

Logboom Park: Lake Washington access. Please park and walk into the park, just beyond the tot lot you’ll see a storage container for WhatsSup, club paddlers will meet there. Lake Washington might be flat or windy, the conditions could cancel interest in paddling, however if you’re up for training and cardio in any weather then this is the paddling group for you. There may be mornings we are taking a quick warm up jog on the trail prior to hitting the water. Cardio paddling is also great for beginners and paddlers with experience, come with gear that will keep you warm if you join before June. PFD’s are required, if you don’t have one, we will provide a standard paddling PFD for you to wear. We will be working on paddling faster and turning more, falling in might (will) happen, so please ensure you’re ready for the weather and the water temperatures.

2019 SUP CLUB Schedule:

Fitness / Cardio Paddle @ Squires Landing

April – June

Day: Wednesday
Warm Up: 5:45pm
Hit the Water: 6:00pm (45-60min quick paced paddle)

We will ease into this class in April and ramp it up in June. If you want to train for your first SUP race, let us know and we’ll work on stuff during these club paddles.

Wake Up on the Water @ Squire’s Landing

May – October

Day: Saturday Mornings
Meet: 7:50am
Hit the Water: 8:00am (60 min welcome to the weekend paddle)

Join us for the best way to welcome your weekend. If you’re new to the sport or if you just want to connect to the water and the beautiful natural environment of the Sammamish Slough. This morning paddle is meant for deep breaths and morning smiles.

Fitness, Strength & Balance Paddle @ Logboom Park

June – October

Day: Wednesday
Warm Up: 5:30pm
Hit the Water: 6:00pm (60 min – cardio paddling, strength and balance exercise)

The goal is to next level the cardio paddling and push our limits on balance and strength. We will practice turns and pop ups and other challenging exercises. We may fall in more.

WhatsSup Club Traditional Membership $100

Join us for as many scheduled group paddles as you’d like. WhatsSup will provide the following gear for your group paddles:   Boards, paddles, leashes and pfd’s. A $20 annual KWAC membership fee is required to qualify to obtain the membership package.

WhatsSup Club Limited Membership $50

Join us for as many scheduled group paddles as you’d like. You provide your own padding equipment. A $20 annual KWAC membership fee is required to obtain the membership package.

Rental Locations:

Bothell Landing Park
Log Boom Park in Kenmore
We offer mobile service for family & corporate events.

WhatsSup Cruise Adventures:

Aboard our 6 passenger vessel Mosquito 1 departing from Log Boom Pier offering 90 minute Eco tours on the Sammamish River.

Questions? Contact us!

Phone: (425) 417.8637


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