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SUP Club has launched into year two with group paddles for SUP CLUB Members!

Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned paddler, this group is for those who want to get on the water, have fun and meet  great people.  Expect each group paddle to be 60-90 min depending on the weather and the commitment of the group.  The Sammamish River is a flat water padding experience, it’s a great place to start paddling and a fantastic place to build your paddling confidence and skill level.

Weekly Schedule:
Day:  Sunday
Time:  8:30am

WhatsSup Club Traditional Membership $100

Join us for as many scheduled group paddles as you’d like. WhatsSup will provide the following gear for your group paddles:   Boards, paddles, leashes and pfd’s. A $20 annual KWAC membership fee is required to qualify to obtain the membership package.

WhatsSup Club Limited Membership $50

Join us for as many scheduled group paddles as you’d like. You provide your own padding equipment. A $20 annual KWAC membership fee is required to obtain the membership package.

For your own comfort please dress for the conditions.  Falling in the water can and will happen.  Please be prepared with wetsuits on the colder season and swim trunks or appropriate (light weight) paddling clothes in the warm season.  Please bring towels and sunscreen.  Put a cord on your sunglasses.  If you bring a phone or camera put it in a waterproof case (we love photos!).  Paddling can be enjoyed barefoot or in paddling/sailing booties – shoes will be left on the shore.

To reserve your spot please email us at Don’t delay – space is limited.

Student scholarships are available.  For more information or to request a scholarship, please contact

*possibility of adding Aug dates per availability and interest.

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