Consider your comfort…

The cockpit opening is long enough for quick and easy entry and exit. You can get your legs in or out while seated in the seat. There’s no need to sit on the back deck and wiggle in. If you feel like lifting your knees to relax while out on the water, you can. But security is not compromised. A seat with plenty of side support and deeply cut knee braces at the sides of the cockpit allow you to lock yourself solidly in the Mariner II for Eskimo rolling or positive control in difficult conditions. Our knee braces are molded in, an integral part of the deck itself, not glued in later or entirely absent as on many others. There’s NO WAY our knee braces can break or otherwise fail in a critical situation.

The Mariner II is a slender, low resistance kayak. Its narrow waterline beam and ideal distribution of buoyancy (prismatic coefficient) allow you to maintain high cruising speeds with the least possible effort. Above the waterline the bow and stern sections flare to full volume buoyancy, providing secondary stability for a solid predictable ride in choppy seas, and lift to keep green water off the deck. Full end sections mean lots of room for cargo as well. You can pack along luxury camps and gourmet food. Your only problem will be your buddies pleading with you to carry all the stuff they can’t find space for in their British-style expedition boats.

Hull Configuration and Features:

  • Swedeform–widest aft of center the opposite of Fish-form (for less wave-making resistance due to the finer angle of entry)
  • Shallow V-midsection with flared sides (for a narrow waterline and high secondary stability)
  • Little rocker at stern, substantial at bow (for tracking and manuverability)
  • Rake in bow and stern profiles (easily slides over seaweed, obstructions, and steep beaches)
  • Substantial reserve buoyancy at bow and stern for a drier ride
  • Rounded V forebody (soft ride) develops into hard chines (resists broaching)
  • Strong V-keel in stern quarter (resists broaching)
  • Lower rear deck (easier Eskimo rolls and reduced windage aft cuts weatherhelm)
  • Higher forebody (for more foot room–to size 12–and a dry cockpit)
  • Built in knee braces (for security and control)
  • Balanced wind/water couple at cruising speed (doesn’t weathercock)
  • Specifics:
  • Length: 17′ 11″
  • Waterline length (170 lbs. added): 16′ 1″
  • Beam: 21.5″
  • Waterline beam (170 lbs. added): 19.5″
  • Cockpit size (inside): 32.5″ x 15″
  • Depth at front of cockpit: 11.5″
  • Depth at rear of cockpit: 10″
  • Volume (filled with water): 14.0 cu.ft. (105 gal.)
  • Est. volume (if Sea Kayaker method used): 14.8 cu.ft  (111 gal.)

This canoe comes with paddle, pump, bladder, and skirt.

Asking price is $500.00. If anyone has questions about it, they can contact Steve Canale at 1-828-707-4591. To see the kayak, please call Clydia at 1-828-707-4591.

This Kayak was originally purchased in the early 90’s. It has seen relatively little use, but it has been well stored.