Redmond Kenmore Distance Race Results

Race results for May 13, 2017

David DeWinter 9 1:13:00
Celine Suzzarini 9 1:13:00
Edward Blair 12 1:17:56
Double Kayak    
John Day 11 1:27:01
Carolyn Day 11 1:27:01
Traci Cole 1 1:31:01
Amber Zipperer 14 1:49:57
Maria Rosensweig 7 2:34:21
Lynn Zwaagstra 5 DNS
Kevin Olney 10 1:19:00
Thomas Hughes 16 1:45:24
Vin Keane 4 2:00:14
Emery Wager 18 2:02:18
Chris Flynn 8 1:29:15
Doug Ritchie 8 1:29:15
Sean Cain 21 1:32:50
Jay Ostby 21 1:32:50
Kevin Springer 6 1:46:26
Ty Brownfield 6 1:46:26
Rod Sternagel 20 2:25:17
Deb Sternagel 20 2:25:17
Ray Trudgeon 19 1:28:01
Gen Matsui 17 1:35:44
Matt Ridgway 2 2:44:41
Aiden Genova 3 DNS
AJ Klatt 15 DNS
Top Three    
DeWinter & Suzzarini   1:13:00
Edward Blair 1:17:56
Kevin Olney 1:19:00

2016 Redmond to Kenmore Long Distance Race Results

The day started cool and wet, but spirits of racers and organizers were high. Good job by all and everyone had fun!

Single Kayak # Time Double Kayak # Time Double Canoe # Time SUP # Time
Traci Cole 1 1:44:41 Tiffany Stilwater 10 2:32:40 Doug Ritchie 9 1:41:57 Christian Moore 17 2:11:30
Danielle Bramble 2 3:14:00 Kai Chang 10 2:32:40 Chris Gutierrez Flynn 9 1:41:57
Thomas Hughes 3 1:52:18 Wayne Martin 11 1:54:55
Kevin Olney 4 1:30:20 Chuck Couvrette 11 1:54:55
Amber Zipper 5 2:05:15 Nathan Morgan 12 3:05:05
Tyler Puckett 6 2:12:50 Blake Morgan 12 3:05:05
Parker Duff 7 1:55:10 Colin Nelson 13 2:35:10
Jeni Brooke 8 2:37:30 Aiden Genova 13 2:35:10
Alicia Bramble Schulz 18 3:18:40 Ray Trudgeon 14 1:32:37
Andrew Weber 19 2:37:29 Brad Bauer 14 1:32:37
Duncan Cox 20 1:44:14 Doug Bosworth 15 2:42:34
Janet Bosworth 15 2:42:34
Timothy Conner 16 2:57:35
Brandon Bosworth 16 2:57:35
1st-Kevin Olney 1:30:20 1st-Tiffany Stilwater 2:32:40 1st-Ray Trudgeon 1:32:37 1st-Christian Moore 2:11:30
2nd-Duncan Cox 1:44:14        Kui Chang        Brad Bauer 1:32:37
3rd-Traci Cole 1:44:41 2nd-Chris G. Flynn 1:41:57
       Doug Ritchie 1:41:57
3rd-Wayne Martin 1:54:55
       Chuck Couvrette 1:54:55


Waterfront Wednesday!

WEDNESDAY November 11 —– Noon until 3:00 PM

Come enjoy an afternoon paddling with your children (if you don’t have children come anyway).

Since many children are out of school with the Veteran’s Day holiday, we thought it’d be fun to have a hot dog BBQ and paddle just because.  We may have some mini races or perhaps even a scavenger hunt on the water.

If you’re interested or have some fun ideas let us know. If you could let us know how many will be in your group that will give us an idea of how much food to get. Also if you have a paddle and/or a folding chair bring them as well. Contact us at

Since this is very last minute KWAC will provide the hotdogs and buns if you would bring chips or a dessert to share.  The weather will probably be rain but we have that covered!

Hope to see you!

Kenmore ~ Cascade Distance Race

*** CANCELLED! ***

Saturday October 31 at 10 AM
• Start and finish at Squires Landing Park in Kenmore – 7353 NE 175th Street, Kenmore, WA 98028
• Registration opens at 8:00 and closes at 9:30 – if you can let us know ahead of time that you are coming and what event you will race, that would be helpful
• Two distances will be offered – 5km and 10km on the Sammamish River, which winds through Kenmore and Bothell. 1 lap for the 5km and 2 for the 10km.
• Entry fee is US $10
• Age groups are U12, U14, U16, U18, Open, Masters (over 30)
• Races are open to all kinds of human powered craft up to 25 feet in length

2015 Canoe/Kayak Sprint Team Trials Results

Kenmore~Cascade Canoe & Kayak Team athletes qualify in strong positions at the US Team Trials.

May 24 & 25th saw K~C in Oklahoma City for US Team Trials.  Races were conducted on this international course over 200, 500 and 1000 meters.  Six K~C athletes vied for positions on the US Team – Doug Ritchie, Emmanuel Beauchard, Ben Karlinsey, Spike Kane, Hannah Pennington and Alana Nichols.  Sheri Baker and Dan Henderson were there to support the athlete’s efforts.

In the Senior (open) category, Emmanuel placed 4th in K1 (single kayak) Men 1000 meters in a time of 4:00.526.  Teamed up with Hawaii’s Kaleikoa Kaleoaloha, he also placed 4th in K2 (double kayak) Men 1000 meters in a time of 3:56.366.  In the K1 men 200 meters, Emmanuel placed 8th in a time of 41.577 and 5th in K2 again with Kaleikoa in 38.971.  These great results earned him a place on the US U23 (under 23 years old) Team for the World Championships in Montemor-O-Velho, Portugal in July, as well as the World Cup regatta in Duisburg, Germany next month.

Ben Karlinsey placed 4th in K1 Men Junior (under 18 years old) 1000 meters in a time of 4:19.166.  Ben did not make the final in K1 Men Junior 200, but his strong showing in the 1000 earned him a place in the pool for K-4 Junior Worlds.

Alana Nichols and Hannah Pennington placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the K-1 Woman Para KL2 (use of arms and torso but not legs) class in times of 1:05.125 and 1:05.363.  These places and times qualified both for starts at the Duisburg, Germany World Cup regatta next month.

While both Doug and Spike raced well, they did not, nor were they expected to, qualify for berths on the US Team.  The great value in their competitive experience was to learn more about USACK and the Trials process and understand the K~C development needs.

“All our goals for this trials were met,’ commented Kenmore~Cascade Head Coach Dan Henderson.  ‘The team really stepped up and had a great showing.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  Ben was competing for a spot in the K-4 – exactly where we hoped he would be selected.  Hannah and Alana are headed for World Cup in Duisburg, Germany.  Emmanuel has been selected to the U23 team for World Championships and did so well, he was selected to race K-1 Men Senior at the Duisburg World Cup.  It’s just solid all around.  Thanks to the entire KWAC and Kenmore community for your support, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

Find your Olympic Dream!  Beginners’ classes start next Tuesday.