Kenmore Play Day

August 12, 11am – 2pm, Rhododendron Park

KWAC will have a booth and will be giving canoe rides at Kenmore Play Day. This is a free event with loads of activities geared toward children and outdoor fun. Volunteer to give out information regarding the KWAC Clubs or assist with getting children as well as adults on the water. For more information contact Sheri at

Redmond Kenmore Distance Race Results

Race results for May 13, 2017

David DeWinter 9 1:13:00
Celine Suzzarini 9 1:13:00
Edward Blair 12 1:17:56
Double Kayak    
John Day 11 1:27:01
Carolyn Day 11 1:27:01
Traci Cole 1 1:31:01
Amber Zipperer 14 1:49:57
Maria Rosensweig 7 2:34:21
Lynn Zwaagstra 5 DNS
Kevin Olney 10 1:19:00
Thomas Hughes 16 1:45:24
Vin Keane 4 2:00:14
Emery Wager 18 2:02:18
Chris Flynn 8 1:29:15
Doug Ritchie 8 1:29:15
Sean Cain 21 1:32:50
Jay Ostby 21 1:32:50
Kevin Springer 6 1:46:26
Ty Brownfield 6 1:46:26
Rod Sternagel 20 2:25:17
Deb Sternagel 20 2:25:17
Ray Trudgeon 19 1:28:01
Gen Matsui 17 1:35:44
Matt Ridgway 2 2:44:41
Aiden Genova 3 DNS
AJ Klatt 15 DNS
Top Three    
DeWinter & Suzzarini   1:13:00
Edward Blair 1:17:56
Kevin Olney 1:19:00

Restore Native Plants at Squire’s Landing Park

On Saturday November 19, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., kids and adults have an opportunity to be transported via canoe across Swamp Creek and plant some of the 400 trees and shrubs that will be used to restore the natural stream-side vegetation benefiting the salmon. You are invited to join the small armada of up to 15 canoes and team up with the Adopt A Stream Foundation, the Sno-King Watershed Council, and the City of Kenmore at the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center, 7353 NE 175th Street, Kenmore.

The objective of this effort is to establish native plants next to Swamp Creek where the current vegetation is invasive reed canary grass. Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board funds were used to purchase the trees and shrubs and to prepare the Swamp Creek stream-side area for for planting.

“This will be a fun Northwest event,” says Adopt A Stream Foundation Director Tom Murdoch. “Volunteers from the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center are looking forward to transporting tree planting volunteers across Swamp Creek just upstream from the Sammamish River and Lake Washington.”

The Adopt A Stream Foundation will be providing volunteers with tree planting equipment and snacks. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear waterproof footwear.

For more information, contact Tom Murdoch at 425-316-8592.

Fall Work Party

10 AM Saturday November 12, 2016.

The storage container in the NW corner of the park has been removed, so here’s an opportunity to clean up the overgrowth in that area – as well as sprucing up any other areas of the park that need some care. Bring your gloves and favorite gardening tools and prepare to work hard, have fun, and get muddy!



KWAC T-Shirts


Show your love for paddling! Long sleeve tech shirts sporting the KWAC logo are now available. Five dollar discount if you are an active member (if not, you can become a member here: KWAC Membership).

We’re not shipping at this time, but you will be contacted for shirt delivery!

KWAC Member

Kenmore Walkways and Waterways Open Houses

The City of Kenmore invites the public to a series of informational open houses during the month of August to learn about projects included on the Walkways & Waterways Improvements proposed bond measure (Proposition 1) that will appear on the November 2016 ballot.

If approved, Proposition 1 would fund the following five projects to be constructed over the next seven years. These projects were identified through the “Imagine Kenmore” public outreach process where Kenmore residents confirmed that sidewalks and bike lanes on major roads like Juanita Drive and connecting the community to the City’s public waterfront are top priorities.

  1. 68th Avenue Pedestrian Bicycle Safety: New sidewalks and bike lanes
  2. Juanita Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: New sidewalks and bike lanes
  3. Log Boom Park Waterfront Access and Viewing
  4. Rhododendron Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access
  5. Squire’s Landing Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access

We hope you can attend these meetings. Additional informational open houses will be held in the fall.

  • Monday, August 8 – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Log Boom Park, 17415 61st Ave NE
  • Thursday, August 18 – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Rhododendron Park, 6910 NE 170th Street
  • Tuesday, August 23 – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Squire’s Landing Park, 7353 NE 175th Street
  • Thursday, August 25 – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Kenmore City Hall, 18120 68th Ave NE

For more information about Walkways & Waterways, visit

Stolen Kayak Alert

We are very sorry to report there have been some recent thefts at our park. Keep your eyes out  for two kayaks stolen from the public racks. The first one was taken near the beginning of July and the second one mid-July. Both were locked! The police have been notified as has the city, and as a result KWAC will be installing a camera system by the boat racks very shortly.

Perception Eclipse. 17′ in length
Contact Jason if you have any information.
Fenn Swordfish (surfski). 20′ x 18″.
RECOVERED 7/23/2016